Hi! I'm Ellie.

Youth theatre director and teacher specialising in dance and performing arts for young learners.

I help schools, parents, and academies nurture creativity and build confidence in their children through interactive classrooms, personalized tuition, and stage performances that showcase their incredible talents.

What I Do

Opening doors to creativity and self‑expression through performing arts.

Youth Theatre

Writer, Director & Choreographer

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Dance & Performing Arts

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Special Needs At School

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I’ve been fortunate to work with so many inspiring children, parents and teachers.

Here’s a few kind words
they’ve shared with me…

  • Emma

    The impact of Ellies' session was absolutely phenomenal to observe as a class teacher: children who have extreme anxiety joined in for the first time ever with this type of activity and not only that, but were confident enough to demonstrate in front of the whole class. Another child with anger issues and low self esteem and next to no resilience joined in whole heartedly and even partnered up with Ellie.

    Ellie had an excellent rapport with the children and she instantly made them relax and step out of their comfort zone.

    One boy even said "I overcome my fear today, I wanted to make you and the class proud."

  • Naomi

    Ellie is a truly wonderful teacher who is forever putting all her time and energy into the learning and performing of her students.

    Ellie makes time to ‘see’ each individual dancer; seeking to understand their own strengths, difficulties and motivations for dance and drama. She truly cares for every individual student and wishes to make each child perform at their best whilst enjoying every minute!


Unlocking young potential through meaningful theatre experiences.

My main passion is creating theatre for children of all ages. In a multifaceted role as writer, director, and manager, I create shows that seamlessly integrate theatre and dance, while handling key responsibilities such as budgeting, costumes, and set props. The transformations I witness during productions are truly rewarding—teamwork flourishes, confidence soars, and self-expression blossoms. Whether working with a cast of 150+ performers or a more intimate ensemble, my motivation is to cultivate a love for the arts that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of young performers.

Hampshire Chronicle Review

“Winchester dance school's annual show at Theatre Royal was best yet”

2023 - Integr8 Dance
150+ Children


Co-Writer / Director / Choreographer

2022 – Integr8 Dance
20+ Children

The Little Prince

Co-Writer / Director / Choreographer

2022 - Integr8 Dance
100+ Children


Co-Writer / Director / Choreographer

2019 - Integr8 Dance
120+ Children

The Road to Oz

Writer / Director / Choreographer

2018 - Integr8 Dance
120+ Children

The Jungle Book

Writer / Director / Choreographer


Guiding children through the challenging crafts of dance and performance.

With over a decade of experience, I am dedicated to providing students of all ages with a solid foundation in dance, theatre and performing arts. I have had the of privilege of teaching at various schools, including Integr8 Dance Academy, Mary Rose Academy, Cliffdale, and Redwood Park, where I have created and choreographed many shows and performances, including notable successes in competitions and showcases.


Creating supportive environments for learners with special needs.

Through Integr8 Dance I had the opportunity to teach students with diverse needs through the 'Chance to Dance' programme. Subsequently, I freelanced at The Arts Ashcroft Centre where I taught Disability Dance Classes. These experiences prompted a shift in my interests and teaching approach, which lead me persue formal training from a Dance Inclusion course at The Point in Eastleigh. I have learned to adapt instructions and set achievable goals, allowing students who require diverse levels and mediums of communication to make remarkable progress, both physically and emotionally. It fills me with immense joy to help these students overcome their challenges to become confident performers.

2023 – Dance Live Competition

Redwood Park SEN school win 2nd place.

In early 2023 I helped a group of remarkable special needs children embark on a mission to enter the UK’s Dance Live (formally Rock Challenge) competition. I had the honor of writing, choreographing and teaching a performance for them inspired by the evolution of dance, as well as creating a soundtrack and visual projections to incorporate narrative elements. Throughout the weeks of training and rehearsals their dedication, teamwork and spirit was an inspiration.

The judges thought so too, it seems, as they were awarded second place against ten other non-SEN school performances in the regional final. Their achievement is a shining example of determination and triumph and I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive the best soundtrack award. Thank you Redwood for this truly wonderful opportunity!


Beyond teaching I enjoy collaborating with other creatives on a variety of projects.

  • 2023 – Educational Puppet Show


    Co-Writer / Performer

    Thanks to a generous grant from the Hampshire Waste Prevention service, I was able to join forces with my long time writing partner, Tash, to create an educational puppet show for KS1 pupils. Our goal was to introduce young minds to global waste issues and raise awareness of practical ways we can all participate in waste prevention and management in our daily lives. Over the course of several months, we toured schools across the UK, garnering exceptionally positive feedback from both students and staff alike.

  • 2015-CONT – Salsa

    Alchemy Dance Team


    As a valued member of the Alchemy Performance Team, I've had the privilege of training alongside a talented group of individuals, under the guidance of esteemed salsa Teachers Marchant and Davina Birch. Throughout the year we showcase Marchant and Divinas unique style of choreography at various salsa events across the country.

  • 2015-2017 – Physical Theatre

    Second Soprano

    Co-Writer / Performer

    After working on Café Ruse with Martha Shrimpton, we partnered to create a new two woman show with the direction of Uri Roodner. The show debuted in the West end, held a residency at The Kings Theatre and eventually toured the UK receiving positive reviews from critics.

  • 2015-2016 – Comedy Show

    Café Ruse

    Co-Writer / Performer

    My debut show, 'Café Ruse,' was a comedy phase featuring 20 distinct characters brought to life by a cast of four actors. After receiving an international award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, our production went on to complete a successful tour of Poland.


Let's Connect!

Are you looking for dedicated professionals to join your team in directing or teaching roles in youth theatre, performing arts, or SEN schools? Drop me a message and I’ll get right back to you.

Additionally, if you have an interesting project in mind or simply need guidance to bring your creative ideas to life, I’d love to hear from you and chat about your goals. I’m always happy to lend advice to other creatives or assist in any way I can.